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The name Mézes Mály translates from Hungarian as “honey-pot”. Mézes Mály is a vineyard of 19 hectares in the village of Tarcal. It is one of the two Great First Growth Tokaji vineyards in the region and will only be released in exceptional vintages. In other years it is blended into our estate wine. The loess top-soil of the vineyard gives lovely honey-like, floral character to the wine in most vintages. In the first classification and all subsequent texts on Tokaji this vineyard stands out as the very finest - described as Pro Mensa Caesaris Primus Haberi - ‘to be the first choice at the Royal table’.




1.4 g/l


7.6 g/l

Bottling date

2017 July



Other Vintages

After a mild and dry winter we had a long spring season, with lovely warm days, but cool, almost chilly nights. The flowering season was unusually long and there was an uneven fruit set in many vineyards and for all grape varieties.
Throughout summer the weather was almost perfect. In July and August the region was hit by hail, but there was no serious damage and overall we had a successful ripening season.
Overall the quality was very high with good acidity and acceptable volumes.
Furmint grapes were harvested at the end of September. Whole bunches were pressed and fermented in Zemplén oak barrels. After fermentation we matured the wine for six months in 300 litre barrels. Powerful wine with sparkling structure on the palate and good fruit. Outstanding acidity and a long mineral finish. A real terroir wine with a long ageing potential. A superb companion to barbecued white meats, even some more serious veal and pork dishes. Perfectly matched with traditional Hungarian meat cuisine. Serving temperature at 11 – 13 °C.