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Our small team takes immense pride in producing wines enjoyed around the world.
Every person has a crucial part to play in making our wines the very best they can be”.

Zoltán Adorján Kovács

Zoltán Kovács has a passion for vines and the wines they produce. Originally from Transylvania – historically part of Hungary – Zoltán has spent the past 20 years in the Tokaj region leading the renaissance of its legendary wines.
At Royal Tokaji he combines his respect for the incomparable tradition of the region with an understanding of the latest winemaking techniques to create the wines of Royal Tokaji, internationally recognised as one of the world’s finest producers.

Máté Varga

Our winemaker was born in Tolcsva, in Tokaj-Hegyalja. His love for wine and grapes started as a child, his family has been cultivating grapes for several generations. As a little boy, he only went to the vineyard to play, but as the years went by, playing around in the vineyard became a hobby.
He considers himself very lucky that his hobby has become his work.
The foothills of Tokaj have a great historical past and tradition in viticulture and winemaking.
His ultimate goal is to combine the experiences of the past with modern technology to make wonderful Aszú wines and to fully explore the huge potential of the dry wines of the region. With his wines he tries to honour the past, stand for the present and build the future.
It is a profession that requires continuous development as each vintage is full of new and exciting challenges.

Balázs Török

Balázs’s love of wine began at his family’s winery where he started working at a young age. He studied at the University of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Budapest, graduating in viticulture and oenology. He completed his apprenticeship at a prominent winery in the Tokaj wine region and gained further experience working as a winemaker at two prestigious wineries in California. He joined the Royal Tokaji team in 2022 with the aim of sharing and expanding his knowledge.

Péter Majoros

His interest and enthusiasm for vine growing comes from the fact that he has been living in the Tokaj wine region since birth. He studied in Budapest, where he attended Corvinus University of Budapest and graduated as an engineer of viticulture and oenologist first, then he got his master degree in plant protection
Afterwards, he gained experience at a large wine company in the Tokaj wine region, then worked for two wineries of an international corporation in California, United States.
In 2020 Peter joined the Royal Tokaji team, where, as a viticulturist, his key objective is to ensure that the production of grapes for the company’s internationally acclaimed wines is of the highest standard.