Healthy grapes are selected and harvested by hand. These are brought to the winery in small harvesting bins to avoid crushing the grapes and subsequent oxidation. In the winery the bins are emptied into pneumatic presses, normally without destemming. After gentle pressing (pressure does not exceed 1 bar) the must – grape juice – flows under gravity to the settling tanks. The tanks are cooled and the must is allowed to settle for one or two nights. The clean must is then drawn off and approximately half is fermented in Hungarian oak barrels and half in stainless steel tanks. The fermentation is temperature controlled and takes around two to three weeks.

After fermentation, we stabilise the wine and age for several months on fine lees in tanks or barrels (the proportion of new and used barrels will vary depending on the type of the wine). During ageing we have the option to stir the lees in order to add body and extra depth of flavour.

Each batch is tasted throughout its maturation. A final blend is created for each wine (Estate, Vineyard Selection, Single Vineyard etc.) and bottling takes place. The wine is then further matured in bottle prior to release.