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Winter was quite mild and it was lovely to be outside in a T-shirt in the first half of March. At the end of the month however Mother Nature surprised us with 10-12 cm of snow just before Easter. Many fruit orchards had a very bad frost but the Tokaji vineyards, which are on the slopes of the hills, were protected by their altitude. The rest of Spring was warm again. By the middle of June we had received two-thirds of the total average annual rainfall and we were worried about another very wet vintage. Berry setting was affected by the rain but this did not reduce crop dramatically although the necessity for green harvesting was much reduced. August was extremely hot and dry. The high rainfall earlier in the season made the vineyards beautiful and only tiny parcels were affected by drought.




1.7 g/l


6.9 g/l

Bottling date

2014 July



Other Vintages

After veraison the weather was miraculous and we could not have asked for better conditions. It is already obvious that 2013 is one of the great vintages for dry, late harvest and Aszú wines. The final blend is approximately half barrel-fermented and half tank-fermented. Produced from 100% Furmint the signature grape of the Tokaj region, carefully selected from our Great First Growth Mézes Mály vineyard. Fermented in new Hungarian oak barrels with own selected yeast, and matured there for a further 6 months, this wine has gooseberry fruit and lovely minerality combined with fresh, crispy acids.