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Winter was quite usual with not too much snow and temperature was low only at the end of January. However some of the vineyards were quite much affected by frost. Spring started late and therefore budding was far not ideal. We had plenty of rain in the season especially in May. The only April was as warm as usually. Summer started on the way that spring was finished, rain and cold. Blossoming continued for very long time and berry setting was rather uneven. However the hot July let vines catching up. By the end of the month vines were at the right stage. There was a very cold August. Average temperature was 3.6 °C below the warmest August of the last five years and on the top of all rainfall exceeded 5.8 inches.




178 g/l


10.7 g/l

Palackozás ideje

2009 June



Más Évjáratok

A clear golden amber colour. At first, botrytis, apricot, orange peel and honey hit the nose, followed more explicitly by the fig, with wood and smoky notes flashing up, and both orange peel and honey returning in the end.

The palate is rich with orange and notes of botrytis, which is then swept by apricot with a citrusy aftertaste. Wonderful and lively acidity. A touch of mint also appears with its cooling and refreshing effects. Thanks to the crispy acidity, it is not the sweetness, but the rich aromas that add up to the extremely long finish, Very promising, already fascinating aszú wine.