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Winter was very mild and therefore we had to pay more attention to different diseases from the beginning of the season. There was plenty of rain in between the middle of spring and the end of July. Because of this, there was very high pressure of powdery mildew infection. It coupled with a long lasting blossoming. In spite of this, berry setting was excellent but caused very uneven ripening. The weather had dramatically changed by the beginning of August. It turned hot and there was hardly any rain that helped us a lot. While in September it turned cool and wet again, sugar hardly increased in berries during this period. However, the lovely and very long Indian summer commencing with the beginning of October has completely changed our view on the vintage. The miraculous weather provided perfect conditions for developing aszu berries. Thankfully the whole region could harvest as much high quality aszu berries as never before anyone can remember.




185.7 g/l


9.8 g/l

Palackozás ideje

2011 August



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Quality for both late harvest and aszu wines is very high this year. We are happy with the quality of dry wines as well however the volume is lower than usually because of the large amount of botrytis on the bunches.
Karoly Ats says ‘the 2008 sweet wines remind me of the lovely botrytis of the 1999, while dry Furmint has acid structure quite similar to vintage 2004 what gives us good hope to have long ageing wines out of this year’. Lovely golden shine with plenty of dried fruits. Spicy, mineral, apricot, grapefruit.
Very fine, elegant acid provide perfect balance to the high sugar. No sweet aftertaste, but fruits and minerality.