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This year provided us an interesting but very difficult season. It started very mild but arid in winter. There was no real frost and we were a bit worried about having too many infections in the vineyard but thanks for the good spraying in 2007 we could see developing very healthy vineyards. Spring continued to be dry and warm until the end of May, when we had plenty of rain. We can apparently expect having long, wet and cold blossoming in June as we practiced during the last three years in series. However summer was generally hot and dry. There was hardly any rain in August. Veraison was very early but because of the rainy September sugar hardly increased in this month for three weeks. Though we had expected early harvest in August we could not do it because of the above mentioned reason.




560 g/l


10.1 g/l

Bottling date

2015 January



Other Vintages

On the other hand this vintage was very good for dry and late harvest wines as well but selection was even more important than before. Wines we have made are rich having lovely balance out of this vintage. Light straw in colour. Fresh apricot on the nose. A lovely, full bodied wine, but not so heavy with a beautiful balance. Fresh apricot on the palate, too. The high sugar content is well balanced with the very fine and elegant acids. Dried fig and plum jam aromas in the aftertaste.