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Winter was quite mild but very long and therefore budding was not as good as we expected before. Thereafter we had a terrible hail at the beginning of May when the village suffered a lot for the heavy flood which was generated by the 4-5 inches rainfall in an hour. There was very cold and rainy period during the blossoming season so tying of berries was very bad. It was obvious by that time that we would not get a huge crop at harvest. Weather was rainy and cold during summer and most of us nearly lost their hopes of having proper grape for the vintage. However autumn had changed our expectations thanks for God.




192 g/l


11.4 g/l

Palackozás ideje

2009 May



Más Évjáratok

The skill and traditions of producing Aszu wines have changed little since the 17th Century. Hand picked Aszu berries are macerated with top quality base wines. The resultant Aszu wines mature at different sweetness levels, generally 5 or 6 puttonyos. Careful pruning in the 1st and 2nd Growth vineyards, hand picking and maturation for at least three years in Gönci casks in 13th century cellars, ensure these rich, refreshing wines are produced to the highest quality. Birsalmás 2005 was aged for three and a half years in Hungarian oak barrels.
Medium amber colour. Orange peel, nuts and honey on the nose. This wine is rich and sweet with a fine acidity. It has a smooth and creamy elegance that leaves the mouth fresh. Both complexity and light elegance have been met in the wine. What a great resolution of contradictions in a glass!