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Winter was very mild. There was plenty of rain in between the middle of spring and the end of July. The weather had dramatically changed by the beginning of August. It turned hot and there was hardly any rain. While in September it turned cool and wet again, sugar hardly increased in berries during this period. This difficult weather pattern created above average viticultural work which in turn meant higher harvest costs. However, the lovely and very long Indian summer commencing with the beginning of October has completely changed our view on the vintage. The miraculous weather provided perfect conditions for developing aszu berries. Thankfully the whole region could harvest as much high quality aszu berries as never before anyone can remember. Quality for both late harvest and aszu wines is very high this year. We are happy with the quality of dry wines as well however the volume is lower than usually because of the large amount of botrytis on the bunches.




9 g/l


6.3 g/l

Bottling date

2009 August



Other Vintages

Harvested in the end of October in the first growth vineyards of The Royal Tokaji Wine Company in the area of Mád and Tarcal, a new wine has been made from the most characteristic Tokaji grape variety: Furmint.
Answering the needs of the different markets of finding a high quality, fresh but still typical Tokaji dry wine, made according to the justified traditional method.
It was fermented in wooden barrels with own selected yeast. Having matured 7 months in new oak barrel, the wine has been blended from Furmint grapes of different terroirs. Slightly darker than previous vintages. Hints of aszú, nuts and almonds on the nose with green apple and honey. Firm body with crisp acidity typical of the Furmint grape. This wine is drinkable now, but has the capacity to age for several years.