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Vintage: Winter was quite usual with not too much snow and temperature was low only at the end of January. However some of the vineyards were quite much affected by frost. Spring started late and therefore budding was far not ideal. We had plenty of rain in the season especially in May. The only April was as warm as usually. Summer started on the way that spring was finished, rain and cold. Blossoming continued for very long time and berry setting was rather uneven. However the hot July let vines catching up. By the end of the month vines were at the right stage. There was a very cold August. Average temperature was 3.6 °C below the warmest August of the last five years and on the top of all rainfall exceeded 5.8 inches. Autumn brought again quite an extreme weather. While this season supposed to be the most humid one in Hungary we had 1.74 inches of rain during the three month, only. The season was the warmest of the last five years. This weather helped us to produce very good quality dry and late harvest wines as well as aszu berries but volume for the later one was very limited thanks for this drought in the season, which does not let Botrytis developing on the berries. Wines made in the vintage will have lovely perfumed aroma, very good balance and nice body. Aszu wines will have good quality however volume will be low.




1.5 g/l


6.8 g/l

Bottling date

2007 June



Other Vintages

Harvested in the end of October in the first growth vineyards of The Royal Tokaji Wine Company in the area of Mád and Tarcal, a new wine has been made from the most characteristic Tokaji grape variety: Furmint. “Very pale, green, straw colour with a clean, fresh green apple, citrusy aroma with a slight bonfire smoke note. On the palate it is dry, but very smooth with crisp acidity, good fruit flavours, long length with a tropical finish.”