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In truly exceptional years Royal Tokaji selects the finest berries from its finest vineyards and carefully produces a few barrels of Single Vineyard Aszú. Betsek hill is a celebrated First Growth vineyard located in the Mád basin. Its volcanic bedrock is overlaid with rich clay mixed with dark, almost black humus soil and chalk-white minerals. Owing to the long lasting warm summer, the sugar-acid balance in the berries achieved a normal balance till mid- September and botrytis cinerea infiltrated into the berries. Autumn created perfect premises to the perfect aszú berry rise. This vintage brought a break-through in technology of aszú wine making, which at the same time introduced an unknown world of flavours to the content.


9 %


231 g/l


11 g/l

Bottling date

1997 July



Other Vintages

These excellent Aszú berries with good structure and perfect botrytis were then macerated in fermenting must for two days. After pressing and finishing fermentation in barrel the wines were filled into Hungarian oak casks in our extensive, deep underground cellars to mature for over two years.
This wine is characterised by more evolutive notes, good texture and balance – spiciness.
Enjoy now or cellar for future enjoyment as the wine matures. Sip on its own as an aperitif, serve with fruit-based desserts or hard cheeses, or enjoy this mouth-watering wine on its own instead of a pudding.
Serve cool.