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Looking back our database from this year it is interesting to see that all the figures seem to be near the average but the rainfall. However having a closer look at the details it shows very well that we can describe the vintage anything but average. There was only one feature, which constantly remained steady along the year. That was the rain. Nearly fifty percentages of the days we had rain. Temperature curve in our chart looks like a sinus wave with very high frequency. It could change from one day to the other dramatically. Precipitation was very high already in winter but it could be one day rain and next day snow. Spring started quite early in the middle of March. Temperature increased very quickly. Budding was very good. June was quite cold and rainy as usually in the last some years recently. Berry setting was far not perfect. July and August were very hot however rainy, too. It is shocking that the heat sum by the end of August was as high as in 2008 however potential alcohol level in berries was 2-3 % lower.




110.2 g/l


9.5 g/l

Bottling date

2011 May



Other Vintages

This late harvest wine is a blend of three main grape varieties of the Tokaj region: Furmint, Harslevelu and Yellow Muscat. In the nose tropical fruits, apricot, ripe orange and botrytis dominate. The fascinating freshness together with its honey character provides a nice balance with a long finish. Serve as aperitif on 12-13 Cº with desserts as well as fruit and citrusy dishes. Good pairing with cheese and chocolate.