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Essencia is the world’s most concentrated essence of its ripest grapes. Royal Tokaji has been able to offer a few bottles of essencia only four times in its nineteen-year history. Essencia: It is the liquid gold that very slowly oozes from a pile of grapes raisined by botrytis (It accumulates in the bottom of the vat, though there will never be enough to fill the vat , by the gentle pressure of the grapes’ own weight and pours like rich nectar honey. It is essentially the essence of the grape and yeast has a near hopeless task. From this rare liquid, the cellar master will select the very best to be bottled.




510.6 g/l


14.1 g/l

Palackozás ideje

2010 April



Más Évjáratok

The skill and traditions of producing Aszu wines have changed little since the 17th Century. Hand picked Aszu berries are macerated with top quality base wines. The resultant Aszu wines mature at different sweetness levels, generally 4, 5 or 6 puttonyos. Careful pruning in the 1st and 2nd Growth vineyards amongst their 80 hectares, hand picking and maturation for a minimum of 3 years in Gönci casks in 13th century cellars, ensure these rich, refreshing wines are produced to the highest quality. Spring came later this year than normally. The opening was postponed by a week but by the effect of the quick rise in temperature it made up for lost time till blooming. During blooming the weather was sunny and warm so the vintage became fertile more than the average. The number of sunny hours was behind but this disadvantage disappeared with the late time harvest. In the end of September aszu berry rise began because of the early morning dew. The days were dry and sunny which also helped a lot. The wines have harmony, their acids are “round“, in their smell we can find a whole range from overriped apricot to light tobacco. So concentrated that you can almost bite into it this wine has the distilled essence of ripe plums, apricot jam and honey wrapped in a cloak of botrytis character. The flavours remain with you for hours.